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News features for the beginning 2007 11/01/2007
Voting system modification 31/08/2006
For fews of you, holidays will finished soon, for us it's already finished for a while, major modifications have been made, they will be applied very soon, although they will not be directly visible for the lambda visitor, they will have an impact on the quality of your topsites.

The 1st major change is related to the voting system of, the vote by pop-up will become obsolete, your topsite will not record votes coming from pop-up anymore, indeed almost all the current browsers are blocking the pop-up. Let's say that the goldtime of traditional pop-up on is terminated. The code of pop-up is removed from the administration members board of the topsite, and the fact that it remains on the pages of your members will not penalize them.

The 2nd major change deal with the equity of the votes, several modifications were added. the time between 2 consecutive votes on different topsites and different members increases from 10 to 30 seconds, and the time between 2 consecutive votes for the same member of a topsite increases from 30 minutes to 2 hours. That specially concerns small topsites which a difference in some votes can change the classification. For the big topsites, In addition of protection anti-IP and optional button anti-cheating, we have installed a based-firewall protection and a tool for analysis of votes.