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News features for the beginning 2007 11/01/2007
Hi Webmasters,

First at all, have a happy new year 2007 !,

We will resume you the news options on

Since the released of version 3 of, we have added a domain name ban system, in the administration panel, part 'Sites to ban', you can ban a domain name and add the purpose of the ban as a comment. So the banned website will not sign-up anymore on your topsite.

In addition of the ban system, your topsite members can warn you about a member abuse thanks to the Abuse system called 'Cheating alerts' in your administration panel. a new abuse is represented by a little red postmail flashing at the top left of the topsite.

The third new option is inside your administration panel , in the 'Display parameters of the top-site' part, you can create colors themes and save them on This is useful if you want switch easily and fastly the topsite appearance for special occasion such as christmas, Easter or just you want to try new colors and have the possibility to come back to the last color themes without problems.

The 2 next modifications of are more discreet and more technical. There is now a real management of the topsite banners. Imagine your banner hoster is down, detects that your banner is offline and will replaced it by a generated banner within a day. If your banner come back, it will be switched in favor of your regular banner. This banner management can help new fresh topsites , that didn't have the time to create their own topsite banner, by providing this automatic banner.

The last improvement is about the referencement of your members websites, links on topsites are now hardlinks, that is to say the URI adress websites are written as is. google pagerank is reach out to 6, so that's a good new for everyone.

Best regards team
Voting system modification 31/08/2006