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Ranking based on the ratio of votes OUT / IN over the last 7 days
Most active sites rankingCategoryRatioTop-quality                 
1stGagnez au Quinté 92.32Horsing
2ndTurf Riche 79.92chance game
3rdPronostics hippiques fiables T... 56.25Horsing
4thLes stars du quinté 49.84Horsing
5thPMU TURF 37.11chance game
6thTOF-TURF 31.37chance game
7thTurf Quinté 21.04Horsing
8thBase Prono 17.94chance game
9thTop 20 TURF 8.67Horsing
10thastropmu 8.64chance game
11thTurfoscope 8.34chance game
12thMegaturf 7.49chance game
13thClassement Général 7.12Arts
14thBASETURF la BASE du TURF et du Q... 6.33Horsing
15thJMPEP80top 6.02Horsing
16thTop Femmes Webmaster 5.53Women
17thTOP PRONOS TURF 5.39chance game
18thtoptierce 4.90chance game
19thTopTurfjs 4.42Horsing
20thGuide Turf 3.74chance game
Criteria for this ranking :
- Have more than 50 members
- voting button in place
- Cookies required to vote