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Terms of Service and privacy policy has the right to delete all site that don't respect the following rights.

Websites may not contain racist, illegal or hatred purpose.

All charm, erotic, pornographic, adults site are forbidden. All description with 'hot' terms are forbidden. All banners that showed naked part of the body are forbidden.

We ask members not to put more than 1 popup on your website

Websites must be free and have some content.

Forced click or vote are not allowed.

incitative click or vote are tolerated. can modified or deleted an account as we want.

We can change this chart as we want and at any moment. hosts your topsite and can modified the top and the bottom as we want.

For the same reason, no reclamation can be done in the suppression of an topsite. can modified configuration options of the topsite if there are abusive use. is a free service and can't garantee the permanent access of the tops. Les In and Out can be lost without possible reclamation.